eduardo milla .::. keys & sax

Inspired by the classical music Eduardo “Ed” Milla’s mother used to play for him as a child, Ed began taking piano lessons at the age of 8. Though is earliest studies were in Classical piano literature, he took an early interest in jazz. At the age of 12, Ed picked up the alto saxophone and has been playing it ever since. Ed joined the marching band in high school and eventually became the drum major his senior year. Ed led his high school’s marching and concert band to winning superior ratings that year.

High school was the same time period when Ed founded the Ed Milla Jazz Ensemble; first starting off with a trio which bloomed into a quintet over the past five years. Although a lover of jazz, Ed did not receive formal training in the genre until he entered college. His love of jazz inspired him to teach himself the art of jazz through jazz theory books and the playing experience he has gained over the years among the outstanding jazz musicians he has encountered. This knowledge prepared him to play the piano in the University of Florida Jazz Bands under the direction of Prof. Gary Langford, a well renowned jazz musician in Gainesville, FL.

Ed is currently an undergraduate microbiology major at the University of Florida. Although music is his ultimate passion, Ed’s professional interests lie in science and helping others. Mr. Milla’s greatest ambition is to go to medical school. He believes that the qualities of music and the medical field complement each other very well. Regardless of the rigors of pre-med studies, Ed continues to maintain The Milla Jazz Group, whose principal venue is Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. in Gainesville, FL. As Ed’s musical skills continue to flourish, he hopes they continue to bring joy to others who hear him play.