ulisses rocha — guitar

Born in Rio de Janeiro on 23 November 1960, Ulisses Rocha started his classical guitar studies in 1970. In 1977 he became interested in Jazz and Brazilian Popular Music, at which time he entered CLAM (The Free Center for Music Learning) a school of music established by the Zimbo Trio. There he met André Geraisatti, at that time also a teacher, who invited him to join the D'alma guitar trio.

This group, which revolutionized the language of the instrument, inspired the formation of the legendary trio: Maclaughlin - de Lucia - di Meola. D'Alma performed on a number of international Jazz festivals in Paris, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, and New York as well as the Free Jazz Festival in Brazil. The trio recorded three albums; two included the artistry of Ulisses.

In 1985, Rocha recorded "Alguna Coisa a ver com o Silêncio" (Something to do with Silence) on the Carioca Visom label. The album was also released in Europe by GRP, the renowned American jazz label. He started a trajectory that already includes 11 CD's, 3 videotapes and a book. Additionally he has participated on innumerous collections and works of other artists.

Ulisses has played with Gal Costa, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Zé Renato, Olivia Byington, Heraldo do Monte, recorded with Hermeto Pascoal, Hugo Fatoruso, Roberto Carlos, Sá and Guarabira, Ritchie and shared the stage in special encounters with Egberto Gismonti, Al Di Meola, Eliane Elias, Canhoto da Paraíba, Marco Pereira, Paulo Belinatti and the group "Boca Livre."

As a soloist, Ulisses has performed at international festivals in United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Cuba, Syria, Kuwait, and France as well as with a number of Brazilian symphonic orchestras.

Ulisses Rocha has been a professor at the Unicamp Faculty of Music since 1990.